Deadening Trail

Location and description

The Deadening Trail is also one of our most challenging "Alpine" adventures.  Here is the location of the Deadening Trail just off overlook drive in Dadeville  Alabama.

Smith Mountain Fire Tower and Trails

Location and Description

Smith Mountain is located in Dadeville, Alabama just off Young's Ferry Road.  Here is the map to find Smith Mountain.


Since 1939, the Smith Mountain Fire Tower has stood like a sentinel over Lake Martin and the woodlands that cover its shores.  It has been a landmark for boaters and a destination for hikers, who are treated to sweeping mountaintop views high above Lake Martin.

For four decades, the tower was vital in the fight against forest fires. After its decommissioning in 1980, the tower and site were left to the ravages of time. Thanks to donors like you, the tower was restored to better than original condition in Phase I of the Smith Mountain Park restoration project.


Overlook Park and Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail

Beautiful Park and Scenic Trail

The Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail and Overlook Park provide some of the most scenic and panoramic views you can get and still have both feet on solid ground. 

Forever Wild/John B. Scott/Cherokee Bluff Dam Railroad trail

Miles and smiles of trails to saunter...

There are really two distinct trails in this 6000 acre preserve owned by Forever Wild. (Click here to visit Forever Wild website.)

The John B. Scott trail is 4.7 miles that weaves along the Tallapoosa River through old growth hardwoods and along Creek.

The Cherokee Bluffs Dam Railroad trail follows the old railroad bed that was built in the early 1920's and used in the construction of Martin Dam.  You can follow either the Highline or Lowline railroads and proceed to the highest point in Elmore County: Saddle Rock Mountain.