Our most sincere thanks and appreciation!

Our Support Network

CRATA has an extensive network of supporters including volunteers, donors, major partners and advertisers. We would not be able to provide such an extensive collection of hiking trails and educational attractions without this support. 


Our Volunteers

CRATA has no paid staff or employees. We operate entirely with volunteers from all walks of life that live and work in our communities. There are numerous levels of volunteer service, each of which contributes support functions in accomplishing our projects and goals.

Board of Directors – A  managing board of directors provide honest and ethical leadership for the projects undertaken by CRATA and for the improvement of our communities.  The board focuses on good  stewardship of the funds donated to our organization, making sure that all funds spent add value back to our communities.

Trail Workers –  The men and women that actually get out in the woods and build and maintain our trails, This is hard but very rewarding work when you see and talk with the folks out hiking and enjoying the trails once completed.

Skilled Craftsmen – Skilled people and businesses in our communities that provide labor and equipment to assist in CRATA projects. This includes engineers, heavy equipment operators, welders, carpenters, etc.

Advisers – CRATA also seeks and relies on the advice of experts in numerous fields to insure our projects are successful. These people include conservationists, land manager, engineers, lawyers and government officials at all levels.

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Our Donors

CRATA projects would never get off of the ground without our donors! We must have financial resources to build parking lots, kiosks, signs, bridges; to restore historical structures like the Smith Mountain Fire Tower and the bridge over the Channahatchee Creek; and to provide world class educational displays at our trail locations. All of the monies spent in constructing and maintaining facilities for hiking, outdoor enjoyment and education reap the benefits of drawing in visitors from all over the Southeast. These visitors have a very positive economical impact on the communities surrounding CRATA trails.

The financial support which CRATA receives, comes from numerous sources and all provide the needed support that we appreciate so much!

Individuals & Families – The people in our communities that believe in the mission of CRATA and enjoy getting out on the trails we build are the core of our financial support! We thank those that have contributed to specific projects and those that donate on a regular basis. We hope you will continue to believe in what we are doing and continue to provide your support, which is so critical to our efforts.

Businesses & Organizations – Local and regional businesses and organizations have also given cash donations to further the CRATA mission and projects.

Project Grants – To date, CRATA has received two major grants to fund specific projects. One was a Recreation Trails Program grant, through the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA). This was a matching grant to fund the Educational Displays on Smith Mountain. The other was from the F. Allen and  Louise K. Turner Foundation. This grant is to fund the Channahatchee Bridge project that is currently in the planning stage.

Legacy Estate Gifts – CRATA has also received gifts from either estate trusts or the Last Will and Testament of people that truly believed in our mission and wanted to provide a lasting legacy in their name.  

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Our Partners

There would be no CRATA hiking trails without the major partnerships that we have developed over the years.

Hiking trails require land and lots of it! Alabama Power Company and the Alabama Forever Wild Land Trust have been wonderful partners in not only providing the land, but also in helping to develop the areas where the trails were to be constructed.

The Alabama Extension Services – Tallapoosa County has partnered with CRATA to provide leadership and guidance in education and proper use of land and natural resources, which helps us be good stewards of the lands we occupy.

Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc. has been an invaluable partner for CRATA in providing advertising and feature articles covering our trails and fund raising efforts for our projects.

Lake Martin Resource Association is a long standing partner with CRATA and advises us on all things Lake Martin, to be sure we are aligned with the interests and goals of the Lake Martin area residents.

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