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Mission Statement:  

The mission of the Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail Association, Inc., (CRATA) is to promote and preserve nature and nature education in the greater Tallapoosa River Valley through access to footpath only trails.  

Time and Talents


If you are able to volunteer we need and welcome you. Please complete our volunteer engagement form and share how you’d like to help.    

If you have special talents in the areas of construction, engineering, website management, social media site, special events, environmental science, writing, public relations, Please click the Volunteer button below and share your special talents and interests.                            

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Financial Support

Cash Donations

CRATA needs financial resources to build and maintain footpath only trails.  Your philanthropic support of CRATA has made the trails, fire tower, wayfinding signs, educational kiosks and much more possible.   Please help us continue to make new trails available and maintain our existing trails for the pleasure and enjoyment of all.   

CRATA is a designated 501(c3) organization and as such all gifts qualify as a charitable contribution.

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legacy support

estate gifts

While we strive to leave nothing but footprints on CRATA trails during our lifetime, we endeavor to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of CRATA trail and nature lovers.  A Charitable Estate Gift can help achieve this goal.

There are numerous options in your estate planning for providing a lasting legacy gift  in your name. We can assist  you with that process. Consider helping CRATA provide quality trails and nature facilities for many generations to come.

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