Show Me the Way Map Instructions

Important: This Google map uses your current location as the starting point for directions to your destination. For Google to determine your exact current location, your device (cell phone, computer, etc.) must support GPS location services and must have that service activated on your device. If GPS is not available on your device, Google will then use either the cell tower location your phone is pinging or the internet entry point for your laptop or desktop computer to provide an estimated location. If your current location is not displaying correctly, refresh the map page in your browser, as this often helps Google improve its determination of your location.

Use this map to get directions to any of our trail locations. Select the trail location (example: Smith Mountain) you are interested in from the drop-down menu located at the top of the map. Upon selection, the map will refresh with the best driving route indicated on the map and step by step driving instructions listed below the map.

When the map first opens and without selecting a destination, you can view your current location by zooming out on the map and looking for a red location marker. If you click on the location marker icon, an information window will pop up with the GPS coordinates of your current location. This can be very helpful if you are hiking on one of our trails and need to know or report your current location on the trail.

Use the + and – control on the map to zoom in and out. Use the [ ] window control to display the map in full screen mode. 

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