UPDATE 11/29/20: The wasps that were swarming the tower appear to have moved on!

Wasps are currently swarming around the cab of the fire tower on Smith Mountain. Male wasps look for high places to hang out
and attract females. On warm days during the fall, future queens become active and fly about. Dozens or hundreds might be seen in and around the Smith Mountain Fire Tower. There is no nest inside or on the tower. I have spent considerable time
inside the cabin of the tower during these times and have never had a wasp to land on me or try to sting. They don’t show
aggressive behavior because they don’t have a nest to protect. But it can be unnerving and may test your resolve to
remain calm. I believe it is still safe as long as you don’t swat at the wasps, but many people will not be comfortable with them.
Be patient. They will leave on their own soon… Harold Banks  CRATA